Bronze 20 Non Reflective - Do It Yourself Film
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Bronze 20 Non Reflective - Do It Yourself Film

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Bronze 15 Reflective DIY Window Film

 Bronze 20 has a bronze look to it, where architects and designers sometimes require a bronze colour for exterior, as well as interior, to match the aesthetics of the building or interior décor.

The Bronze Bronze 20 has a slight reflective exterior look. However from the inside it is a bronze tint during the day time. The Bronze Bronze 20 transmits 18% of the visible light, thereby reducing glare by 82%. This bronze film also reduces total solar energy by 56%, reducing air conditioning costs as well as reducing electricity bills.

  • Stops 45% heat
  • Stops 77% glare
  • Stops 99% UV light

Cost per Running Metre – If Required

The cost per running metre, at a width of 1.524 met. Is R258.75  per running met.


The extra cost for packaging and delivery to your door in Gauteng will be R100-00 and anywhere else in South Africa will be at a cost of R200-00.

Product Performance Data for Bronze 20  Non-Reflective Window Film:


  • Visible light transmittance 18%
  • Visible light reflectance 9%
  • Total solar transmittance 27%
  • Total solar reflectance 17%
  • Total solar absorption 56%
  • Winter U Value 1.08
  • Shading co-efficient .50
  • Ultra violet transmittance 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 56%


We detail the Instructions on our website.

Follow this link which explains the entire process and includes expert videos

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