Charcoal 20 (2 ply) - Do It Yourself Film
Charcoal 20 (2 ply) - Do It Yourself Film
Charcoal 20 (2 ply) - Do It Yourself Film

Charcoal 20 (2 ply) - Do It Yourself Film

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Charcoal Charcoal 20 DIY Window Film

Charcoal Charcoal 20 window film is a hybrid film. It’s construction utilises a non reflective film laminated to a reflective film. This film is ideal for commercial and residential applications as it has a high glare rejection of 80% as well as an excellent heat rejection.

From the outside it has a semi-reflective charcoal look, yet from the inside during the day it has a tinted charcoal look, making it see-through

Cost per Running Metre – If Required

The cost per running metre, at a width of 1.524 met is R225 ex VAT.


The extra cost for packaging and delivery to your door anywhere in South Africa is R174 ex VAT.

Product Performance Data for Charcoal Charcoal 20 Window Film:


  • Percentage of visible light transmitted 21%
  • Percentage of visible light reflected 8%
  • Percentage of solar transmittance 35%
  • Percentage of solar reflectance 12%
  • Total solar absorption 53%
  • Winter U values 1.10
  • Shading co-efficient .58
  • Visible light transmitted 1%
  • Total solar energy rejected 48%


We detail the Instructions on our website.

Follow this link which explains the entire process and includes expert videos

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