Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective - Do It Yourself Film
Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective - Do It Yourself Film
Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective - Do It Yourself Film

Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective - Do It Yourself Film

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Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective DIY Window Film

5% Non Reflective film is the darkest window film available in the market place. This product is utilised in areas where one needs maximum glare rejection but at the same time requires visibility to the outside.

  • Stops 55% heat
  • Stops 95% glare
  • Stops 99% UV light

Non reflective films are dyed films which have been dipped and the colour infused in the film to create a tinted non reflective look. Most window film manufacturers utilise the dyeing technology to colour the film. Some manufacturers come up with cheaper and easier methods of manufacturing dyed films, by incorporating the colour into the adhesive. These products have got short lives and are normally sold as cheap “do it yourself” products.

Cost per Running Metre – If Required

The cost per running metre, at a width of 1.524 met is R225 ex VAT.


The extra cost for packaging and delivery to your door anywhere in South Africa is R174 ex VAT.

Product Performance Data for Charcoal 5 Non-Reflective:


  • Percentage of total solar transmitted 39%
  • Percentage of total solar reflectance 7%
  • Percentage of total solar absorption 54%
  • Percentage of visible light transmitted 5%
  • Percentage of visible light reflectance 5%
  • Winter U Value 1.15
  • Percentage of Ultra Violet Transmission Less than 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .63
  • Percentage of total solar energy rejected 45%


We detail the Instructions on our website.

Follow this link which explains the entire process and includes expert videos

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