Kleenshield Glass Coating

Kleenshield Glass Coating

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Kleen-Shield sizes:
1ltr.....R800.00 ex vat
Covers an area of 20
5ltr.....R4000.00 ex vat
Covers an area of 100
Shipping costs
R100.00 ex vat to all major areas throughout the country.
Product Description
Kleen-Shield liquid glass coating turns ordinary glass surfaces into self-cleaning glass.
  • Keeps it free of pollution, dirt, oil and grime
  • Reduces the problem of glass cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stays clean by itself with the latest coating technology for automotive, residential and commercial use
  • Long lasting and easy to apply

KleenShield coating from Klingshield  liquid forms a thin hygienic, transparent layer over any glass window or window film surface, which provides excellent water, dirt and grime roll-off, as well as providing protection, high transparency and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

KleenShield has been tested under all types of climatic conditions with fantastic results. The treatment forms a clear see-through shield on your window panes or on glass coated with window film. It is designed to shrug off dirt and grime, much like water off a greasy surface

Cuts the maintenance cost of large glass areas in buildings and enhances the aesthetic look of glass in the most amazing way.



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