Sandblast Vinyl - Do It Yourself Film
Sandblast Vinyl - Do It Yourself Film
Sandblast Vinyl - Do It Yourself Film

Sandblast Vinyl - Do It Yourself Film

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Sandblast Vinyl DIY Window Film 

White translucent window film has a similar appearance to sandblasted glass. However, the white translucent window film is in fact a better product than sandblast because if water is splashed on it, it does not go clear. Sandblast in rainy conditions goes blotchy and does not look appealing.
White sandblast translucent film is always applied to the inside of glass and is utilised by interior designers where daytime and night time privacy is required in certain circumstances.

Cost per Running Metre – If Required

The cost per running metre, at a width of 1.524 met is R225 ex VAT.


The extra cost for packaging and delivery to your door anywhere in South Africa is R174 ex VAT.

Product Performance Data for Sandblast Vinyl DIY Window Film:


  • Heat reduction 28%
  • Glare reduction 22%
  • Ultra violet rejection 98%
  • Shading co-efficient 0,82
  • Light transmitted 69%
  • U Value 6.19

Should you require further information on Sandblast Vinyl Film please do not hesitate to phone our Customer Service call centre on 011 640 5053



We detail the Instructions on our website.

Follow this link which explains the entire process and includes expert videos

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